Experienced and
leading developer in renewables.

Transcendence is being built by the people behind Maoneng, whose team has joint experience of delivering over 50 billion dollars worth of infrastructure projects globally.

Maoneng is an experienced and leading developer in renewables, currently constructing the largest solar power plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our team

Meet the Transcendence team. 

A company is only as good as its people. The hard part is actually building the team that will embody the vision and propel you foward. We've started the process, and improving on it everyday.

  • Morris Zhou
    Morris has over 10 years experience in establishing new business ventures and assembling quality team in high growth sectors and industries, ranging from manufacturing, retailing and sustainable social infrastructure development
  • Qiao Nan Han
    Chief Executive Officer
    Qiao has over 10 years experience across planning, development, engineering, contracting, construction, financing and sales of renewable energy and civil infrastructure assets.
  • Milton Zhou
    Chief Marketing, Payment & Compliance Officer
    Milton has over 10 years experience being involved in the global Solar PV value chain and Fintech Payment sectors by bridging China and Australia, transforming numerous startups, by bringing them from zero to success.
  • Kevin Chen
    Chief Investment Officer
    Kevin comes from an investment banking background, having been involved in or led infrastructure transactions exceeding $40 billion in enterprise value, across the Infrastructure, Utilities and Renewables and Resources sectors.
  • Steve Cua
    Chief Technology Officer
    Steve has extensive experience designing and delivering complex systems across the globe for millions of users. He has helped a wide range of companies develop digital solutions, with a strong focus on design, delivery, stakeholder engagement and management.
  • Alex Luttringer
    Head of Marketing
    Alex has 12 years’ experience conceptualising and executing end-to-end digital marketing strategies for top-level startups around the world and has been involved in the blockchain and crypto space for over 3 years.
  • Antonia Peart
    Legal and Commercial Director
    Antonia comes from a legal background, having worked at top tier law firms. She has extensive experience working on major infrastructure projects globally. She also has experience advising on blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2015.
  • Chris Quevedo
    Head of User Experience
    Chris has 10 years’ experience in driving user strategy and delivery within startups, telecommunications, enterprise and the financial space, and is a crypto enthusiast amongst other emerging technologies.
  • Thomas Upton
    UI/UX Designer
    Thomas has 6 years UX, UI and Visual Design experience that enables him to connect brands and companies with their customers through good design.
  • Isabelle O’Hara
    Marketing & Events Executive
    Isabelle has over 7 years communications experience, with a background in the tech sector. She has worked internationally in New York, Dublin and Sydney for companies such as Microsoft and Foursquare.
  • Yolanda Zhao
    Executive Relationship Manager
    Yolanda’s was the youngest ever cabin purser while receiving numerous prestigious awards from CAAC during her tenure with Shanghai Airlines. Currently has worked on transactions with over $200+ million in enterprise value.
  • Michael Tran
    Infrastructure Manager Planning & Engineering
    Michael has more than 8 years of experience in systems design, project and resource management, testing and commissioning, operations, FMECA, O&M and RAMS. Michael brings with him years of experience leading teams through changing business environment.
  • Dan Drory
    Blockchain Developer
  • Spencer Depart-Smith
    Blockchain Developer
  • Srikanth Chevalam
    Blockchain Developer
  • Michael Wong
    Lead Designer
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Meet the Advisory team.

With the most relevant industry advisors, less time is wasted on figuring out what could work, more time working on delivering what will work.

  • Ivan Mantelli:
    ICO Advisor
    Ivan is an experienced startup and corporate advisor with over 18 years’ experience, including investment banking at ABN Amro Australia, and corporate strategy and M&A at Fairfax Media. Ivan holds a BSC in Pharmacology UNSW and MBus UTS.
  • Vaibhav Nambur
    Blockchain Developer
    Vaibhav’s a veteran software developer with an extensive background in building decentralised apps with scalable and safe smart contract protocols. He’s on the advisory board for several well reputed multi-million ICOs.
  • Paul Kang
    Security Advisor
    Paul is the Co-Founder of Entersoft, a global award- winning Cyber Security organisation. Entersoft team has helped launch and secure ICOs worth over $1 billion all over the world. Winner of multiple awards including Hong Kong Fintech of the Year.
  • Simon Corbell
    Independant Advisor Board and Investment Committee
    With close to two decades of senior public policy experience in renewable energy and sustainability policy and projects, Simon is one of Australia’s leading renewable energy advocates.
Our track record

Transcendence, the new
blockchain-arm of the
Maoneng Group. 

We understand the difficulties and pain points of the industry. Our team has joint experience in delivering over $50 billion worth of projects globally.

Our holding company, Maoneng Group, is currently building Sunraysia Solar Farm - 255MWp, the largest to be built in Australia.

  • PLAY VIDEO Mugga Lane

    First Major project, developed, owned and operated. Australia Capital Territory’s premier solar power plant. Capacity 24,500 MWh. Powering 3000+ homes.

    Play video
  • PLAY VIDEO Sunraysia

    Newest development in construction. One of the largest
    in the world and biggest in Australia. Capacity 255MWDC Over 10km². Will power 50,000+ homes

    Play video

Whitepaper and documents.

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