Frequently asked questions

Our intention is always to be clear and transparent in every aspect of our business.
Here are questions raised by companies, communities and ourselves that we feel are important to acknowledge.

What is Transcendence?

- Transcendence is a blockchain-based, sustainable infrastructure development and collaboration platform.
- We seek to accelerate the advent of the Sustainability Revolution by empowering communities and simplifying infrastructure development.
- Transcendence draws upon the combined knowledge, skill base and funding capacity of token holders to develop sustainable infrastructure assets.
- We are about creating relationships and bonds between token holders and participants of infrastructure development by way of rewarding and acknowledging without discrimination.

What background does your team have?

The Transcendence team has extensive experience in renewable infrastructure development across China, Australia and Asia Pacific, having over 30 years’ collective experience between the team members.

Will there be future issuances of tokens?

As new projects reach the final stages on the TSD Platform, projects will be funded through a range of traditional debt, equity, hybrid instruments and token issuances. TSD will issue new TSD Tokens to support future project initiatives as they reach the financing phase.

Future issuances will be carefully managed to avoid dilution and be based on adding value to the system overall.

Where is the company registered?


What is the bonus?

There is no bonus, only a discount which depends on the stage you participate in.

Is the company or the TGE audited?

The TGE and smart contracts have been audited by IOSIRO and Icorating. You'll be able to review their audit via our Github.

What is the minimum and maximum buy in for private pre-sale?

$50,000 minimum and $10,000,000 maximum.

What is the price of the token?

Price ranges from $0.35 in the private pre-sale up to $0.50 in the public main sale.

What is the hard cap and soft cap?

The hard cap is $80.6 million and the soft cap is $20 million.

How many stages are there in the token sale?

There are three stages, which are Private Pre-sale, Public Pre-sale, and Public Main Sale.

What is the allocation for bounty?

7% allocated for the bounty program.

How does the token work?

- Access to the TSD Platform and ecosystem,
- Access to Social Awards associated with proceeds from projects,
- Priority allocation for future asset tokenizations,
- Available to be held for long-term benefit or traded,
- Can be traded on exchanges or via the TSD Liquidity Program.

How does the token work?


Is Trancensdence a dual token system?

The TSD Token economy is a two tier token economy with a primary token (TSD Token) smart contract and an internal platform token (IFR Token).

Which countries are restricted from the sale?

Residents from the US (unless you're an accredited investor), Singapore, and China may not participate in the token sale. The offer is not available to people physically located in Australia.

Can US residents participate if they're an accredited investor?

Yes, you have to be an accredited investor to participate.

Do non-US citizens need to be accredited?


What will happen to unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens will be burned.

Accepted currencies during the sales?

ETH, and also select fiat currencies. However, only ETH will be accepted during the public main sale.

Is there an escrow period for private pre-sale tokens?

Yes, escrow period is 9 months after conclusion of the main token sale.

There is a lockup for bounty tokens?

Yes, there will be a lockup of 6 months for bounty tokens.


Whitepaper and documents.

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