A community platform
to create
sustainable  infrastructure.

Transcendence is a blockchain-based platform for the development and management of large scale sustainable and socially valuable infrastructure projects.

A clear alternative to investment banks

A disruptive blockchain solution for infrastructure in renewable energy. 

Transcendence is responding to the strong demand and support for eco-friendly, renewable energy projects, offering a financing model that equally benefits everyone.

We are a clear alternative to investment banks with cost effective token capital structure and an open, transparent model.

Identify, originate and initiate projects

First ever blockchain platform for sustainable  infrastructure assets.

Made for infrastructure entrepreneurs, land owners and developers to list and promote projects at the earliest stages of inception.

The platform provides an end to end solution for all participants that want to originate, finance and develop complex infrastructure and sustainable energy projects. Decentralized ledger technology provides a solution to interact with multiple participants with certainty of contractual obligations and the ability to track every interaction.

Use the power of decentralized ledger technology

A community platform  to create sustainable infrastructure.

Transcendence is a blockchain-based platform for the development and management of large scale sustainable and socially valuable infrastructure projects.

The Transcendence platform is designed to engage participants along the entire infrastructure development with a focus on providing a fairer playing field for professionals, the community and smaller participants that would normally have difficulty accessing these projects.

Track the flow between assets and stakeholders

Seamless tracking  and transfer of royalties, surety bonds and payments.

Use the power of tokenization to implement secure Surety Bonds for projects, fractionalize assets and track royalty flows to all recipients and backers.

With the advent of blockchain technology and smart contracts we now have the opportunity to automate key elements in the payments cycle associated with large scale development projects. Smart contracts allow for transparency around escrow, payment triggers and flow of funds.

  • Transparency across multiple stakeholders
  • Increasing opportunity for solar energy projects
  • Overcoming domination by investment banks
  • Equitable, shared distribution of project benefits
How does Transcendence work?

Everyone has an opportunity to contribute their own way. 

Transcendence is responding to the strong demand and support for efficient, reliable , renewable energy projects, offering a financing model that allows everyone to share in the benefits.

We are a clear alternative to investment banks with cost effective token capital structure and an open, transparent model.

  • Project idea and scope

    Land listing and government approvals.

  • Funding with TSD tokens

    Any token holder can make

  • Building with renewable energy

    Voting on decisions from community stakeholders

  • Operating on our platform

    All parties have complete transparency in future agreements

  • Value and profits shared to token holders

    TSD token raises in market
    from infrastructure value

Our track record

Transcendence, the new
blockchain-arm of the
Maoneng Group. 

We understand the difficulties and pain points of the industry. Our team has joint experience in delivering over $50 billion worth of projects globally.

Our holding company, Maoneng Group, is currently building Sunraysia Solar Farm - 255MWp, the largest to be built in Australia.

  • PLAY VIDEO Mugga Lane

    First Major project, developed, owned and operated. Australia Capital Territory’s premier solar power plant. Capacity 24,500 MWh. Powering 3000+ homes.

    Play video
  • PLAY VIDEO Sunraysia

    Newest development in construction. One of the largest
    in the world and biggest in Australia. Capacity 255MWDC Over 10km². Will power 50,000+ homes.

    Play video
The Transcendence platform (TSD) will be addressing the flaws of the industry, and it aims to simplify complex projects via the use of blockchain technology which provides transparency and openness to everyone involved.
...the organization takes a holistic approach towards the development of large scale renewable power stations, having built a team that specialises across the entire value chain: project development, project finance, construction management and operations.
To ensure that the problem of renewable energy is resolved, the Transcendence platform would simplify the complex projects with the help of the blockchain technology, thus, making the system open and transparent.
Transcendence is innovative and smart - with a mission to unlock the benefits of renewable energy for communities everywhere.
Our journey

Where we are, and where we are going.

Our journey started many years ago, but with each milestone we are succesfully building to something more.

  • 2016
    Retail Solar business was established and positioned as one of the first residential solar power retail companies in Australia.
  • 2011
    Wholesale business arm established, one of the largest wholesalers of solar power systems in Australia within 1st year of operation.
  • 2016
    The 13MW Mugga Lane Solar Park is commissioned and connected to the National Electricity Market.
  • 2017
    Australia's largest solar deal is signed with the biggest energy retailer AGL. Australia's first corporate deal signed with UNSW and Origin Energy.
  • 2018
    Transcendence Network is established and TGE is planned. Infrastructure development roadmap blueprint is created.
  • Q4 2018
    MVP for Transcendence Platform released. Start alpha development of the platform architecture and user on-boarding.
  • Q1 2019
    Private capital raised. Token Sale Campaign starts with Public Pre-sale (TBA).
  • Q2 2019
    Alpha Transcendence Market Listing release. Start Alpha Transcendence Market Place (surety bonding and project financing)
  • Q3 2019
    Beta release of Transcendence Market Place investment platform. First projects listed and funded.
  • Q4 2019
    Start construction of funded projects. Alpha release of the Transcendence exchange module.
  • Q1 2020
    Transcendence marketing place investment and exchange modules fully functional.
How were different

A differentiation model.

Transcendence delivers a differentiated model compared to current competitors in the blockchain space. Transcendence offers a model that provides solutions for entrepreneurs and sustainable energy developers along the infrastructure development value chain.

  • Transcendence
  • Origination
  • Planning
  • Funding
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Market operations
  • End of Life
Allocation of the funds

We believe in

With our Soft Cap set at $20 million, we have forecasted this to cover the necessary costs needed to carry out the continual development and refining of the platform, ongoing operation and most importantly, the seeding of the first real world operational asset into the platform, providing the token with real world underlying value.

Any funds raised on top the softcap will be used to accelerate the development of the platform, further development of new projects and seeding the platform with more real world operational assets.

*Visualisation; figures are not final

  • Transcendence
    TGE Key
  • Hard cap
    US $80.2m
    Soft cap
    US $20m
  • Total supply
    250m TSD
    Available for purchase
    200m TSD
  • Private sale
    62.5m TSD
    US $0.35 / token
  • Pre sale
    100m TSD
    US $0.40 / token
  • Main sale
    37.5m TSD
    US $0.50 / token
Our people

Meet the team.

Let us walk you through our vision for the Transcendence platform.

We keep good company

Meet the partners.

  • Advisory business for the global energy sector.

  • VC fund and partner specialised in Blockchain projects.

  • World-class digital development partner.

  • Australian advisory and excution partner to Blockchain companies.

  • Blockchain and dApps development agency.

  • Brand identity, creative UX and product design studio.


Whitepaper and documents.

  • Whitepaper
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  • Pitch Deck
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  • Platform Deck
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  • Token Offering
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  • Funds Allocation
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  • Token Sales
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  • Referral Program
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  • Bounty Program
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  • Icorating Audit
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  • Legal Opinion
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